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4D Fotona Facelift – The Non Invasive Treatment Melbourne Patients Love

4D Fotona Facelift – The Non Invasive Treatment Melbourne Patients Love

4D Fotona Facelift – The Non Invasive Treatment Melbourne Patients Love

Would you love to have a facelift without having a facelift?

If you find yourself looking in the mirror thinking you really could do with a facelift, but the whole idea of going under the knife scares you, or you don’t like the way people look after they have had a facelift as you would like to age gracefully, then the Foton 4D Facelift is the ultimate anti-aging treatment for you.

The 4D Facelift is an advanced multi-featured laser procedure designed to increase the body’s own collagen production over a period of time.

The benefits of Foton 4D Facelift

No needles or surgery, no anaesthesia or sedation or major down time.

The lift looks natural, your face looks younger and fresher, but not ‘worked on’.

Your face looks lifted, and toned, skin looks smoother. But no one actually can work out why you look – well, just amazing for your age. The lift is so natural looking that no one is going to think you have had a facelift.

It is designed specifically to treat your skin’s lack of elasticity, sagging jowls, thin lifeless lips, lines around the mouth and nose and cheeks which have lost their volume. All of the classic signs of aging.

Fotona 4D is a sequential combination of four laser procedures, it lifts the face 4 dimensionally, working from inside the mouth as well as lifting from the outside. It is the first of its kind, it has a full comprehensive approach to lifting and tightening the face.

The steps of the 4D Foton Facelift

Step 1.  SmoothLiftin – Intraoral tightening

Intraoral tightening is a unique part of the treatment. No other laser procedure does this. Intraoral tightening is not like going to the dentist as there is no pain involved. The operator moves the laser wand gently around the inside of your mouth tightening the nasolabial folds, cheeks and lips from inside out.

The SmoothLiftin is a revolutionary intraoral treatment which gently heats to stimulate collagen contraction. You can see immediate improvement resulting from the collagen fibres shrinking, but over time, new collagen formation occurs. The effect being an improvement in tightness and elasticity in the treated tissue as well as a plumping effect.

Your lips will look fuller with less lines around them, your cheeks will look lifted.

Step 2. FRAC3 – rejuvenation

FRAC 3 works 3 dimensionally targeting deeper age-related imperfections in the skin’s tissue. It restores a youthful texture and tone to the skin. It only affects the area treated which means the patient heals faster and has less down time compared to conventional fractional laser treatments.

Step 3. PIANO mode- skin tightening

PIANO mode heats the skin using super long pulses 0.3 -60 s which are longer than the thermal relaxation time of the skin’s surface layer the epidermis and hair follicles and blood vessels.

It is the safest mode for reaching deep lying skin tissue, tightening and lifting and reshaping the face.

Step 4 SupErficial – light peel.

SupErficial is a cold laser treatment that gives the skin a pearly smooth finish. It improves the skin’s appearance by using Fotona’s propriety VSP technology, which means no traumatised skin, no having to hide out for days, no downtime as the treatment has no heat, and is completely controllable by the operator so is incredibly precise in their application.

Many people achieve immediate results and lifting after only one treatment, but others need up to four treatments – four to six weeks apart.

Because everyone’s skin is different, at Melbourne’s Instant Laser Clinic we recommend a personalised treatment program that’s right for you

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