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Medical Grade Peels

For Dramatically Renewed Skin


A scientific, non-invasive answer to skin rejuvenation is here at last.* Strip the years and blemishes away with the help of a medical grade peel.* Your dramatically renewed skin awaits.*


*Individual results may vary


 Designed for facial skin
 Gentle but effective formulations*
 6 peels to choose from
 Suitable for all skin types*
 No downtime or side-effects*


*Individual results may vary


Before / After

*Results may vary from individual to individual.

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Terms and Conditions

Medical grade chemical peels eliminate rough, dead surface skin to leave your face smooth and revitalised.* Unlike facial peels bought off the shelf and self-applied, medical grade peels are potent, targeted and can be used to treat specific skin concerns.*


*Individual results may vary

Our highly trained skin therapist start by conducting an in-depth analysis of your skin before creating a customised treatment plan for you.


After we cleanse and prime your skin for treatment, we apply your chosen peel to your face. Your skin will tingle while the peel’s active ingredients begin to work.

The result is fresher, healthier and renewed skin.*

*Individual results may vary

While all our peels produce excellent skin rejuvenation effects, they each have unique advantages.* We can help you select the peel that’s best suited to your skin.


*Individual results may vary


Our six most popular peels are below.


Timeless Peel

• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles*

• Increases skin firmness*


*Individual results may vary


Mela Peel

• Ideal for pigment spots and Melasma*

• Restores skin radiance*


*Individual results may vary


Mask Peel

• Treats oily skin*

• Reduces pore size*


*Individual results may vary


Milk Peel

• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles*

• Evens out skin tone*


*Individual results may vary


CosMedix Benefit Peel

• Reduces hyperpigmentation*

• Targets fine lines and wrinkles*


*Individual results may vary


Blueberry Smoothie

• Part lactic acid exfoliator, part manual scrub

• Ideal for acne-prone skin*

• Treats congested pores*

*Individual results may vary

When administered by one of our fully trained clinicians, the side-effects are minimal to non-existent.*


*Individual results may vary


However, some patients occasionally experience mild flaking – which typically disappears within 2-3 days of the treatment.*


*Individual results may vary

Best of all most peels involve no downtime. This means you can wear make-up the very next day.*

*Individual results may vary

Price is based on the skin condition as well as the type of the peel being used which can be discussed upon consultation. It can start from $90 and up.

*Disclaimer: All photographs represent one person’s experience, and results may vary for each patient. All photographs are of actual patients from Instant Laser Clinic. The visible change in these photographs has occurred as a result of the procedure/s undertaken. Some before and after photos shown are not exact, in that they vary in light, contrast, clothing, background, distance from camera, hairstyle and make-up.