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Fotona Nd Yag Laser

What is Fotona Dynamis Nd Yag & Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Are you concerned about spider veins, leg veins, flushing or rosacea?* Fotona Dynamis Nd:Yag laser technology, also known as Erbium laser skin resurfacing, provides a complex and targeted thermal energy to address your concerns in a quick and effective manner, leaving your skin free of vascular lesions and other abnormalities whilst rejuvenating the overall texture of your skin.* This technology also effectively removes hair on any skin colour without damaging surrounding skin or causing unnecessary pigmentation.* If you’ve been searching for an effective leg vein treatment in Melbourne, make an appointment with Instant Laser Clinic to discover what this innovative spider vein and vascular lesion treatment can achieve.


*Individual results may vary



 Complete skin rejuvenation – without needles or surgery*
 Safe hair reduction on light and dark skin types*
 Treats a wide variety of skin problems*
 Long-lasting effect with proper aftercare*
 Minimal pain and side-effects*


*Individual results may vary


Before / After

*Results may vary from individual to individual.

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Terms and Conditions

The Fotona Dynamis Nd:Yag laser treatment is a non-invasive spider vein treatment and laser therapy that stimulates cellular turnover, as well as thermally targeting malfunctioning cells (such as those of the blood vessels) to remove them. This leads to a reduction in abnormal skin components, whilst also prompting the skin to produce healthy cells.


The result? Rejuvenation of areas that have been concerning you, with an even, clear and more normalised skin.* The Fotona Nd:Yag laser is also an effective laser treatment in Australia for acne scars, helping many people to achieve clearer, blemish-free skin. It can additionally be used for hair removal. When used for hair removal applications, this laser has an attraction to the pigment within hair, making it an effective method of laser hair removal.* Its long pulsed 1,064nm wavelength minimises the absorption of superficial pigment, meaning this device is safe to use on ALL skin types, both light and dark.* The laser consists of a yttrium aluminium garnet that works at long wavelengths rather than medium ones.


Regardless of whether it’s being used to treat cellular abnormality or unwanted hair, the Fotona Nd:Yag laser confines thermal damage and heat and spares the surrounding tissue, minimising associated risks of other laser devices.* Make an appointment at our skin rejuvenation and spider vein clinic in Kew to find out how Fotona Nd:Yag laser treatment could help you.

Erbium laser skin resurfacing is frequently used to treat a range of problems, such as:

  • Rosacea*
  • Keratosis Pilaris*
  • Vascular lesions, spider veins, mild varicose veins*
  • Unwanted hair*


This technology is also used for:

  • Nail fungal scar revision*
  • Snoring and sleep apnoea*
  • Vaginal tightening and rejuvenation*
  • Female stress urinary incontinence (SUI)*

With each Fotona Nd:Yag or Erbium laser treatment, you will experience a mild heat sensation with each pulse of laser light, however this is combatted with a parallel cooling system to minimise your discomfort. Some pulsed laser treatments, such as leg spider vein treatment, may be associated with a stronger healing phase including redness, slight blistering, and superficial crusting, however other treatments may only prompt a reddening of the skin. Your clinician will thoroughly explain your post care requirements during your consultation, and may recommend the use of homecare products through the healing phase after leg vein treatment.

During your initial consultation, the staff at our Melbourne clinic will take a full medical history to evaluate your suitability. As a spider vein specialist, we can determine if this spider vein treatment is right for you.

The effects of Erbium laser skin resurfacing are long-lasting.* However, proper skin care and sun protection will go a long way to preserving the results.*


*Individual results may vary

The number of Nd:Yag laser treatments you require will depend on the type of procedure you undertake with the Fotona Dynamis laser. This can be discussed through a detailed consultation at our skin, laser and spider vein clinic in Kew.

The Erbium laser cost will vary according to your procedure type as well as the size of the area being treated. For instance, a vascular lesion treatment will involve a different procedure than hair removal. For a detailed estimation of what the cost will be, please arrange an initial consultation with our staff.


*Disclaimer: All photographs represent one person’s experience, and results may vary for each patient. All photographs are of actual patients from Instant Laser Clinic. The visible change in these photographs has occurred as a result of the procedure/s undertaken. Some before and after photos shown are not exact, in that they vary in light, contrast, clothing, background, distance from camera, hairstyle and make-up.